ICAM 2022


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International Conference of Aerospace Medicine Paris 22-24 September 2022. Centre des Congrès de la Villette.


Scientific program

• The definitive scientific program is now available: Overview / View all the sessions : EN / FR
View the Meeting abstract book: EN / FR
Instructions for speakers / Instructions for session Chairs
• Up to 3 sessions will be held in parallel.
• The official language of the Conference is English.
• Sessions in French will be held on a parallel room on Friday (morning & afternoon), September 23.
• A Refresher course for AME will be held on Saturday morning, September 24 (8 AME hours of credit for attendance at Conference the whole Saturday including Refresher course). View the Refresher Course program.
• ESAM Circle of Experts (CoE) meeting on Friday, September 23 (12:15-13:45).
Breaking news! There will be a special session with the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on Friday, September 23 (17:45-18:45).

Thomas PESQUET, ESA astronaut

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (Toulouse, France), Thomas Pesquet first worked as an aerospace engineer in Spain and for the French space agency (CNES) before becoming an airline pilot. In 2009, he was the youngest of the six Europeans selected to form the new class of ESA astronauts.

After an intense training in Europe, North America, Russia and Japan, he launched from Baikonur on November 17, 2016. He took part in an international crew composed of scientists, engineers and pilots. After 196 days in space, he returned to Earth in June 2017. Between his two missions, he flew Novespace’s Zero-G parabolic aircraft for space agencies to run experiments in weightlessness.

For his second mission, Alpha (April – November 2021), he travelled the International Space Station (ISS) on the second SpaceX Crew Dragon, Crew-2, as the first European launching from the U.S. since a decade. The mission lasted 199 days and saw Thomas Pesquet break two impressive European records: most cumulative time spent in space and most time spent spacewalking. He also became the first French commander of the ISS.

During his two ISS missions, Thomas Pesquet worked on hundreds of scientific experiments in the Station’s cutting-edge laboratories in a variety of fields from neurology to biology and took part in the maintenance of the spaceship, orbiting at 28000 km/h. On his free time, he took advantage of the wide audience enabled by the power of social networks to keep the public updated on his missions and alert them to the dangers of global warming. He is FAO Goodwill Ambassador

Allard lecture will be given by Luc TYTGAT

Director, Strategy and Safety Management Directorate, EASA

Luc Tytgat is since 1st January 2015 Director of the Strategy and Safety Management Directorate of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Luc Tytgat is in charge of raising safety intelligence as one of EASA’s key priorities and developing a better and more agile regulatory framework. Prior to EASA, Luc Tytgat was the Director of the Pan-European Single Sky Directorate at Eurocontrol since 2011, after having worked for 20 years in the field of air transport and space at the European Commission and 10 years in the Belgian Air Force. Luc Tytgat also has a significant experience when dealing with matters related to the European Commission. Luc Tytgat also initiated the GALILEO programme and established the EU competence in the space policy sector.